Does oil really grow your hair?

Does oil really grow your hair?

The ongoing debate in the black hair community for years has been, "Do you really need oil to grow your hair?" I've gone on several hair journeys, starting with a big chop. What I have found is that for my hair oil is a necessity. Now I will be clear in stating that oil alone will not cause your hair to flourish. However, oil in addition to great moisturizing products will take your hair to new heights. 

While protective styling is great, it still requires a healthy hair regimen to maintain healthy growing hair. That means moisturizing your strands and having good scalp health! Our Ayurvedic growth serum is the perfect addition to your hair care regimen. Our oil can be used for pre-poo, hot oil treatments, as a sealant, can be added to your shampoo for nourishment, or as a scalp oil. Made with all natural ingredients that has properties known to reverse alopecia, fight fungus and bacteria, stop itching and dandruff, thicken and grow the hair, and help the hair become more manageable. 

Below you will see pictures from my most recent hair journey (6.5 months apart) consistently incorporating our Ayurvedic growth serum. The first photo is from June 2022 the other 3 are from January 2023.

Next are photos of my daughter's hair journey 10 months apart using the oil consistently 2-3 times weekly. the first photos are from April 2022 the second photos are from February 2023.

 We exercise protective styling 80% of the time while using the oil. We make it a point to do moisture treatments and hot oil treatments in between styles to help maximize length retention. If you are looking for a great addition to you hair care regimen at home and in between salon visits, try our all natural Ayurvedic growth serum.

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