The Vision


With the faith of a mustard seed, LaTequia started her journey as an entrepreneur in 2016. Although she gained more wisdom than wins, she did not give up on her dreams. Her belief is that "If you knock on a door long enough, eventually it will open!" ​

Strandz of Pearls strives to provide luxury, custom and versatile wigs and extensions to serve as top tier protective styling. We offer products that encourages a healthy hair journey and promotes hair growth. Founded, owned, and  operated by LaTequia, with the vision that Strandz of Pearls will make every woman near or far feel beautiful and express themselves boldly through a variety of protective styles. Strandz of Pearls has been branded to reach not just local but global markets. 

The message Strandz of Pearls promotes is there is Perfection in every strand! Good hair is healthy hair and we love Good hair!